We are very flexible, in addition to the packages listed below, are happy to customize an advertising package to meet your needs.

Contact: ads@genuineorlando.com

Standard ad sizes:

728 x 90 banner (top of page)

336×280 large rectangle (top of sidebar on most pages)

125×125 square block ads (middle of sidebar on most pages)

970 x 90 large banner (middle of homepage)

Breaking –> Text scroll at top of page on the homepage to promote upcoming events, designed to run day of the event


Package 1:  Weekly top of page – run of site (your ad displays on all pages of the site) for your 728×90 banner. At launch there are two slots available. Launch special – $10 per week, $25 per month plus you receive one free “Breaking” placement per week. Guaranteed minimum of 1,000 impressions.


Package 2:  Weekly category large sidebar – Target particular categories of content with your 336×280 rectangle ad. This is an exclusive placement. Launch special – $5 per week, $12 per month. plus you receive one free “Breaking” placement per week. Guaranteed minimum of 1,000 impressions.

 “Breaking” News Ticker – top of every page, scrolling ticker that links to a post with more information. Ideal for  day-of event promotion also helpful for week-of promotion. Launch special – $5 for two posts.

Category Sponsorship – Associate your brand with a specific category of content, we have two basic types of sponsorship, monthly and custom .

Monthly – category description text becomes “Sponsored by” and your name, which links to your website or the site of your choosing. You also receive an exclusive on the top sidebar banner (336×280) within that category for the month.

Launch special – $15 plus you will receive four (4) free “Breaking” placements for the month. Guaranteed minimum of 4,000 impressions.

Custom – we will work with you to custom design a category to match your brand image. For custom sponsorships we guarantee a certain volume of content will be generated within that category. We also create a customized ad package to run along with your custom sponsorship. Costs and delivery volumes vary by your needs.


The Secret Menu

Genuine Orlando works with select businesses in Central Florida to program and deliver a unique, customized experience for customers with our “Secret Menu” program. Members of our community receive a special membership token which, when presented at a participating merchant, grants the member access to a “secret menu” that other customers don’t have access to. The menu is crafted to create a special experience for the customer, it may contain items from Central Florida producers that are not otherwise offered, it may also grant special services (i.e. reserving a special table, selecting house music, or being given a personal shopper.)  Items on the secret menu do not have to be specially priced, though they can be, and they can also be given for free, if the merchant desires.

Participation in the program is, currently, free, though we do ask that you let us review and approve your menu. We also offer custom menu development and programming services along with special promotional opportunities for participating “Secret Menu” locations.



We are always looking for new ways to reach new readers and members of Genuine Orlando and welcome ideas and proposals on how we might work together in communicating with Central Floridians.

Contact: ads@genuineorlando.com