I’ve been in Orlando for 20 years now, a fugitive of South Florida, and I just recently did something I’ve been wanting to do since my first apartment scouting trip here, eat at Beefy King. It was awesome.

I was meeting an old friend who I knew had long since developed a taste for Beefy King, so my company made the tasty lunch that much more enjoyable. There is a beautiful efficiency to Beefy King, although the crowded parking lot suggested long lines, ordering was super quick, the cashier was not just friendly but helpful, and the team worked together in almost choreographed movements to deliver the order, fresh and just made, in seconds. I was not surprised to learn later that it’s a family owned and run shop, third generation.

I ordered the most popular sandwich, the roast beef with onions and cheese, it is like a roast beef cheesesteak served on a bun, Arby’s style. There are several other options but this is the classic Beefy King sandwich. I also had a side of tots and a root beer. At the condiment bar I added a squeeze of their horseradish sauce to my sandwich and grabbed some ketchup for my tots. The sandwich is delicious, melts in your mouth, if you shrank it by 60% and put it on a plate you’d call it gourmet. I can’t wait to have another. The tots were fine, also high quality and crisped up perfectly, but I’m not a huge fan of tots personally, they added some crunchy, starchy texture to the meal all the same.

I left Beefy King full on my order but my buddy indulged in two sandwiches, I was out the door for $7 and  had my drink refilled by a fountain jock practically mid-step on my way out. Smooth.

Beefy King online: http://beefyking.com/

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2 Responses

  1. gregg@haxan.com'
    Gregg Hale

    Love to see Beefy King getting some love. This is one of my favorite spots in Orlando. I miss it terribly since moving to Portland. But shame on you for not giving the tots the love they need (and deserve)!

  2. James Ashcraft

    it was Cain that got me to finally go, love the place now. Tots are good and all but just not my favorite way to cook a spud.