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Things to keep in mind when writing for the Genuine Orlando audience:

  1. Share your experience – tell us
    1. why you chose to have this experience
    2.  your history with the venue or event
    3. share the experience itself
    4.  if you are using a review style format (not at all required,) feel free to give it a rating on a 1-10 scale (again, not required)
  2. Stating your opinion is fine and first person voice is strongly encouraged but If you state facts, please make sure they are accurate.
  3. Articles can be any length you feel captures your story but 3-5 paragraphs is ideal.
  4. Please take*original*  photos of venues, events and interviewees, photo are not required but are strongly encouraged and appreciated.
    1. A phone camera is usually fine
    2.  large format is preferred
    3.  4 photos is usually an ideal amount (1 feature image and 3 for a gallery in the article.) You are certainly welcome to submit any number of photos you like though an editor will decide on what the appropriate amount to publish is.
  5. We are interested in a wide array of topics, anything that interests you is interesting to us. However, we generally look for a tie to Central Florida and prefer activity or experience themed contributions (vs. topical editorial which is not our focus.)
  6. Have fun! This is not fluffery, if you have fun writing an article the readers will pick-up on that and have fun reading it. Not all experiences are fun themselves but even capturing your disappointment in something can be fun, so relax and enjoy telling your story! Also, editors will go over your story before publishing it and make changes to any spelling or unintentional grammar mistakes, so don’t sweat the technical details, too much.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute your story, please contact our editors at