The Altamonte Picture Show is hands-down Orlando’s best (and cleanliest) value theater. Regardless of which side of town you live on, it’s worth the drive. Especially on Tuesdays, when all screenings only cost only a dollar, why not spend a couple of them and get yourself caught up on some films you might have missed?

For this week’s Two-Dollar Tuesday, catch a double feature with a delightful X-Men Days of Future Past and some family fun with Rio 2

X-Men Days Of Future Past – While not as great a film as it was hyped to be, I did find Days of Future Past to be a very good popcorn flick telling an engaging tale of overcoming personal demons and failure. The action driving plot revolves around villainous, nearly omnipotent, robots, called Sentinels, that destroy mutants and a good chunk of humanity. This forces the X-Men, and Magneto, into a desperate hail-mary attempt to send Wolverine back in time to try and prevent the Sentinels from ever being built. The real story though, is the glimpse we get of Xavier at his lowest point. Upon arriving in the early 70’s Wolverine finds a suffering and self-indulgent Charles Xavier living nearly alone in his mansion, the school closed, with Beast his only companion. Wolverine must convince Xavier to make even more sacrifices in order to help save the day. The hero’s journey is punctuated with plenty of action and we are treated to some delightful mutanty fun, the highlight of which was Quicksilver helping to break out 70’s Magneto from ultra-prison, it is joyous. 8/10

Rio 2 – Sure, you can Redbox it for a buck but I still had fun taking the family to see Rio 2 at the Picture Show. Honestly, i don’t recall if I even saw the first Rio, my girls saw it though and they really enjoyed this follow up installment. The plot has our hero, Blu, and his family, who all believed they were the last of their kind, leaving their posh city life to chase reports of other Spix’s Macaws living in the jungle. Once the family has found, and joined in with, the wild macaws, citified Blu struggles to fit in. Blu must contend with a rival wild macaw, a disapproving father-in-law, a clan of rival birds, evil forest-burning humans and his old enemy Nigel, which keeps the movie clipping along. There are some slightly harsh scenes of life in the jungle, with cute animals being devoured by bigger animals for laughs, and the central theme of Blu’s self-doubt is a bit depressing, but overall this is a fun, family friendly movie and makes for a great way to beat the heat on the cheap. 7/10


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