For those of you interested in the numbers behind publishing a webzine, I am sharing a look at our stats at Genuine Orlando for week 1, looking for signs of life. I look at unique visitors, total pageviews and a rank of pages by traffic. I’ll talk about our social media interactions and share details and results of a (very modest) adwords campaign.  I have my thoughts on the results but am very interested in your thoughts as well.

Traffic – this early in the life a site, the raw numbers mean very little. This site was just born do the speak. That said, we need to check on everything right now, as to not let something small trip us up off the bat. When my first daughter was born, as soon as she was given to my wife for the first time, she began feeding very aggressively, and in fact, she started to turn purple. I grabbed a nurse who simply broke the suction and everything was fine – a screaming baby is a good sign assured the nurse. Launching a site can be just as delicate of a time.

  •  We had 1,800 pageviews (729 uniques), modest but on target. 500 was my goal, 750 is what I expected and 1,500 is what I hoped for.
  • The front page was most popular followed by a review of the movie Her with a review of an art event rounding out the top 3.
  • Much of this traffic was through social media; this early no one’s heard of us yet, so this makes sense and is expected.
  • Some traffic is tied to the hard launch, though only about 200 pageviews are tied directly to launch day. This is also expected.
  •  A pleasant surprise, we had a (relatively speaking) fair amount of traffic through indirect social media around the review of Her. It looks like 90 visits came that way and these visitors were much more likely to leave comments and “like” our page on FB. I guess this is not so much surprising as it is fortuitous and not really expected, certainly not counted on.  I will be analyzing the life cycle of the article more deeply. There was a “favorite” of the post on Twitter by the film’s twitter account – could that have helped? This “organic” traffic is less reliable but really helps with engagement rates and cost per visitor, I need to be able to find more traction points like this.

Social Media – it’s too early for this to mean anything but nearly all of our traffic came through social media, a significant majority of that were personal friends. Still, for the record, we setup FB and twitter accounts for the site and try hard to be engaged in those channels daily. I try to treat those channels authentically and not be too “pushy” with promoting our content, I’ve liked and replied to many more items than I’ve pushed out, though I’ve still promoted each article as they are published, this seems acceptable within the channel itself, which is opt in. I’ve also been promoting the articles on my personal feed which I will be stopping soon, it annoys me when people do nothing but pimp their work on FB. It takes effort to stay engaged and success of any one item is unpredictable but this is very much a worthwhile way to interact with readers and find new readers.

  • 27 followers on Twitter
  • 66 likes of the FB page

AdWords – my business plan says I should expect a visitor acquisition cost of 10 cents per, but that’s once I’m up and running with a reliable base of repeat advertisers. I have some experience with AdWords but have much to learn if I’m going to hit my target. I’ve run ads for 7 articles and for the site itself. Most of those ads did not get any clicks, so cost nothing but also generated nothing. Once again the Her review did get some attention and some clicks, even though my low bid rarely put the ad on the first page of results.

  • Top line stats: 117 clicks, 16,100 impressions, .73% click rate, $19.04 cost, CPC of .16.
  • I’d like to eventually get this smoothed out to 100 clicks per day at .10 per click. Baseline traffic that helps with predicting ad delivery and rates. Also – some of the AdWords ads mention the author or interview subject by name and they display the site name in bold, so the raw ad views do carry some, very minor, promotional value.

Overall, I am happy with the launch. All the right signs are there, but I am not yet satisfied. I probably could have gotten even more out of the Her article, to have it “hit” at all but only yield 90 visitors suggests low capitalization on the opportunity – what can I do better next time? Also, our Beefy King review had some resonance with locals and Orlando “ex pats” as well, which suggests our central premise may have legs. I look forward to reviewing Wally’s, Will’s, Royal Thai and Hot Dog Heaven to see how these other “classics” do.

Ok, putting my nose back to the grindstone. We’re on track here but there’s much to do. I’ll try to put up another review soon, assuming anyone reads this one..

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