For many years I worked in an office on University Blvd. in Winter Park, over time we developed a lunch routine that allowed us to eat well. However, it wasn’t until one summer in the early 2000s that we discovered perfect way to top off our lunches, with a trip to Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. It was a glorious discovery and I have been a regular customer ever since.

Jeremiah's Italian Ice

I had passed Jeremiah’s small, brightly colored building on Aloma many times but, not being an especially big fan of Italian Ice, I did not stop in. What a mistake. First of all, the ice at Jeremiah’s is made from fresh fruit, fruit puree, sugar and filter water, daily. The flavor, and texture, is so much more satisfying than a typical ice desert. The other surprise at Jeremiah’s is their creamy soft serve, which they also make themselves. While  I do sometimes get either the ice of soft serve on their own, the real gem, the signature dish at Jeremiah’s, is the layered combination of ice and soft serve, called a gelati. This simple, unassuming desert is one of my favorite foods to be had in Orlando. Obviously, kids absolutely love Jeremiah’s and a trip to see the frog has become an inducement to do chores around my house. That you Jeremiah.

Jeremiah's Italian Ice

The last little perk about Jeremiah’s is the service and atmosphere. The small, efficient locations are permanent, custom built building but are in effect little more than stalls. When I say efficient I mean it, you will rarely take more than two minutes from the moment you pull into Jeremiah’s to the time you are scooping up your prize. You can either walk up and order or use the drive-thru. Most locations have ample seating around the building and they play fun music that makes each visit feel like a PG version of a block party.

Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Jeremiah’s has expanded over the years, with five locations in Central Florida and plans for continuing an aggressive expansion, so just about anyone in the area is a short drive away.  If you have a craving for something sweet but not heavy, I suggest that you make that drive. Oh, and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of possible flavor combinations, my personal favorites are vanilla/mango and chocolate/black raspberry. So good.

Check out their website for details about locations, hours and menu:


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    Jeremiah’s Maitland location is always my desert treat after going to the Enzian. It never disappoints!