Yes, I have been called frugal, I’m proud of it, so of course I like dollar theaters, I liked them even before working in a Saturday matinee was a $30 investment. The trouble is, at most dollar theaters, you get what you pay for, they aren’t always a fun place to watch a movie. Luckily, we have the Picture Show in Altamonte, my new favorite place to see movies.

Most notable, and most important, is the viewing experience; the picture was bright, the sound was clear and the theater was clean.  I did find a broken seat, and it’s not stadium seating, the layout is a little..classic, but you are still getting a real, quality theater experience. Of course, this is a sample size of one, maybe I was lucky and got the good room, but based on that sample, I enjoyed it.

The movies are not first run, of course, but there is a good selection of newish films. I went on a Tuesday and paid a dollar to get in, plus $8 for a medium popcorn and two small drinks. On non-Tuesdays it’s $1.75 to get in, another $1.75 on top of that for 3d. Still, basically, two people can see a movie at Picture Show, eat popcorn & drink soda and still be in for the price of one regular ticket, no food or drink; that’s not just good value, its great value.

The staff was friendly and efficient, more importantly, the bathrooms were clean and fully functioning, which may seem trivial, until you’ve gone without.

Overall I was very impressed with the quality and value of the Picture Show experience. I give it a solid 8/10 and will be exploring other rooms.

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