My buddy Dave turned me on to Secret Lake Park, my first exploration of the well maintained grounds was an early morning fishing trip with said buddy, a quick fix in lieu of a full day on the water.  I have since been back many times with the family, it’s a great neighborhood park with  lots of amenities.

My eldest daughter took her first bike ride sans training wheels at Secret Lake and both girls enjoy the playground there. The park has  tennis, racquet ball, and basketball courts, a meeting hall, baseball diamond, makeshift soccer field, several pavilions and a bumpy but visually wonderful paved path around the perimeter. The star of the park though, the thing that sets it apart from most other are parks, are the three docks and nice sized seawall that give park goers access to two separate lakes. It also sees regular visits from the local ice cream truck, a favorite capstone for family trips.

I give Secret Lake Park an 8 out of 10 for parks and highly recommend it to families. The only real shortcomings are the lack of a splash pad and my abysmal fishing catch rate, heh.

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