We are only months removed from the greatest season UCF Football has ever had, but it’s time again to put on the pads and watch the pigskin fly and I couldn’t be happier.  Spring is generally a fun time.  Baseball has started, basketball is ending, and the pool is up to temperature for use.  However, for one day, we are graced with college football…..just to scratch that itch that has started to go away.

This Saturday, April 12th the UCF Knights will have their Spring Game……what’s a Spring Game you ask?  It is pretty much a glorified practice that college football teams hold at the end of their spring session.  Every team runs their own set of rules and scoring structure, but for the most part its a true game (minus the quarterback can not be touched).  You generally get the first team Offense and the first team Defense going at it with all the bottled up frustration of a couple of months of practice, now it is able to come out.

Spring Games, for the most part, are done for the die hard fans like myself.  The people that don’t mind sitting out in the sun and watching a practice.  However, UCF over the years has tinkered and added things to make this day more of a family event that can get anyone interested.  This year is no different.  Some of the few events include:

  • FREE admission for all
  • Punt, Pass, Kick competition for the kids
  • T-Shirt Giveaway (first 200 fans)
  • Face Painting & Costume Photo Opportunities
  • Inflatable slides, bounce houses, and Zoom Ball
  • Free popsicles for the kids
  • and a Food Truck Rally

So I give props to the UCF athletic Association for upping the ante this year with all of their offerings.  They are really going above and beyond to make it a family event.  I expect a fun time and an interesting game as well.  To add even more fuel to the fire, coach George O’Leary says he has a secret major announcement he’ll be making at the end of the game.  So I hope you make it out there, it really is a fun time……all for FREE.

Get all of the information including parking details here.

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